Easy access to selected finance products


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Easy access to selected finance products

Finbe is a fintech startup that aims to provide easy access to a variety of financial products for young adults. With a focus on selecting only the best financial products, Finbe ensures that users can find the perfect product to meet their specific needs. Finbe offers a range of products, including loans, insurance, and car insurance. Our team was dedicated to finding the most suitable and best-designed options in terms of UX for our users. The goal was clear - to help users make informed financial decisions and achieve their goals, whether it was purchasing a new car, starting a business, or simply building a strong financial foundation.


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A well-designed financial product not only serves its intended purpose effectively but also reflects a strong brand foundation.

This includes carefully selected colors, typography, and patterns that convey trust, reliability, and professionalism. A cohesive and visually appealing design can help establish a strong brand identity and instill confidence in users when making important financial decisions.

We're working very closely with the clients to build awareness of the importance of design in building trust with users. We ensure that all presented financial products are not only functional, but also visually appealing and reflective of our brand values.

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During testing with our target audience, we placed particular emphasis on creating a rich mobile version that would replace the planned mobile application in the first stage.

Attention to detail, fluidity, and readability became the main distinguishing features of the project.Ensuring a sense of security and integration with the payment gateway was an additional challenge, as was securing a unique offer from project partners on the Finbe side.

A small preview of the application's appearance is shown in the hero image at the top of the page.

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