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What's up with your dog - product design

I co-founded a start-up called Tail, which developed an intelligent dog collar paired with a monitoring application. Our innovative use of deep learning allows us to track a dog's activity levels using data such as their location, breed and characteristics, movement, and outside temperature. This data is then processed and presented in the application, which provides information and guidelines on how to properly care for the dog and ensure they are stress-free.


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Market potential

Dogs were some of the most popular pets in the world, especially in Europe, which was our primary focus. Through research, we found that the main problem was a lack of knowledge. The absence of reliable sources of information caused frustration for dog owners, and they feared not providing proper care for their dogs. After gathering detailed information about the market and technological possibilities and limitations, we conducted surveys with dog owners about their daily problems related to dog safety, proper care, a well-arranged knowledge base, and joint entertainment.

Personas of our users

After conducting surveys with dog owners regarding their daily problems related to dog safety, proper care, a well-arranged knowledge base, and joint entertainment, we created personas of our potential users. These personas presented a completely different lifestyle. Younger dog owners exhibited a significantly higher level of activity in both social and physical aspects. They are often seen walking or running with their dogs in the park, playing with other dogs, or attending social events with their furry friends. On the other hand, older dog owners paid more attention to safety and health. They are more cautious about their dog's well-being, often ensuring that their dogs are up-to-date on their vaccinations, taking their dogs for regular check-ups, and keeping them away from potential dangers.

These personas were crucial in understanding our target audience's needs and preferences. By identifying the different lifestyles of dog owners, we were able to tailor our product's features to meet their specific requirements. For instance, we ensured that our monitoring application provided comprehensive information on dog safety and health, making it easier for older dog owners to care for their pets. Conversely, our application provided younger dog owners with features that allowed them to track their dog's physical activity levels and even connect with other dog owners, promoting social interactions and joint entertainment.

UX & Product Design

We developed an intelligent dog collar and monitoring application using user-centered design. By conducting surveys and creating personas, we tailored the product's features to meet the specific needs of our target audience. We simultaneously prepared mock-ups of the interface, physical product, and hardware design, completing five iterations and verifying and testing everything with the project team, testers, and stakeholders. This approach ensured that we created an innovative, technologically advanced product that met the needs of our target audience.

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Application & Branding Design

Our start-up, Tail, developed an intelligent dog collar with a monitoring application. We use deep learning to track a dog's activity levels and provide guidelines for proper care. Through extensive surveys, we identified different lifestyles of dog owners and tailored our product's features to meet their specific requirements. We designed and developed a sleek iOS app that allows you to feel comfortable with your dog. The whole experience is focused on speed, and the user only needs to enter a few pieces of information about their dog to start using the app on a daily basis.

All branding materials were desiged simultaniusly.

Tail also won several competitions, such as:

  • T-Mobile Accelaration Program (WARP)
  • Horizon 2020 (Phase 1
  • etc.

Special thanks to all the individuals involved in this project, including the co-founders P. Gawiński and W. Smajda, the UX and product team of Blake Rzepa and Krzysztof Bogomaz, and the vets and pet behaviorists Katarzyna Harmata and Natalia Strokowska. We also extend our gratitude to everyone who has been with us over the years and contributed to our success.

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