Polish gutter producer's unexpected image


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Polish gutter producer's unexpected image

Galeco has been leading the industry with their unique approach to gutter design, incorporating both functionality and aesthetics. Their gutters come in a variety of colors and styles to match any home or building. During a series of workshops, we worked collaboratively with the client to develop a visual direction, brand manual, and brand hero campaign that reflected their innovative nature. Our goal was to create a unique and memorable brand identity that would help Galeco stand out in the competitive gutter design industry. Through our creative process, we explored various design concepts and visual styles, taking into consideration the client's vision and goals. We presented several options, and the client ultimately chose the final concept. We are especially proud of the work we did with Galeco because of the highly cooperative nature of our relationship. Our team worked closely with the client, ensuring that every step of the process was transparent and collaborative. We believe that this approach helped us achieve the best possible outcome for our client.


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New branding - off/on-line design

The design and implementation of Galeco's new corporate website marks a new era for the company and communicates its ambitions and leadership. Through careful content architecture and the use of typography, we've created an environment where visitors can easily read all provided information and feel well-informed and secure. The website's design features geometric shapes, mainly squares, and perfect product photos with sharp details that highlight the high aesthetics of the company's projects and create visual contrasts for easy-to-follow content. The detail-oriented design of the website ensures fast loading and full functionality on all display resolutions.

Additionally, we've created a wayfinding system that the owners of Galeco plan to test and implement in 2023. The pictograms are simple and highly literal to meet the needs of their workers.

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Application design & brand hero campaign

The Galeco application is a modern tool that assists in assembling Galeco gutter systems, giving assembly workers the freedom to watch and/or read the manuals.

At the same time, Galeco invited us, their long-term customer, to develop a concept, design a key visual, and execute materials for a brand hero campaign. Galeco chose the world-renowned volleyball champion Wilfredo León because they and he share values such as family, hard work, and innovation.

The main idea for the first year of our three-year advertising commitment was "Let's play together," particularly in 2020, the year of the Volleyball World Cup. We started with photoshops inspired by the NBA campaign, where perfectly captured photos combine typography and design elements into one, hot, striking image. In the studio, we prepared stills, motion graphics, and cinemagraphs for every part of the creation, such as the key visual, billboard campaign, press advertising, and digital execution (app, website, and social channels).

One part of our creative activities was designing a concept for the application that transforms the sports and entertainment experience into "pure knowledge" and allows users to get to know their favorite player better.

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