Brand & wayfinding system for Jasna Gora


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Brand & wayfinding system for Jasna Gora

In 2014, the branding and wayfinding system for Jasna Gora was awarded and recognized during the "Slaska Rzecz" competition, held at Cieszyn Castle, the Polish center of research and documentation of material culture and design. Jasna Gora is the most well-known pilgrimage place in Europe, excluding the Vatican City. It is full of wonders and history captured in murals and artifacts. However, there was one problem - people often got lost.


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We were tasked with developing a wayfinding system and a full identity that would be in line with the character of the place but not directly related to commonly found religious themes. The identity should also have a spiritual feel to it.

We developed a series of stationary materials and a complete wayfinding system with icons and typography for Jasna Gora. Additionally, we created product packaging for the Brotherhood, branded clothing, and packaging for a long-running series called "Secrets of the Holy Stronghold.”

The big challenge of this project was developing signs that could convey abstract terms such as "holy intentions" or "stations of the cross".

The biggest task was, although, the creation of the logo. We executed our concept based on the "scars" on top of the holy painting. The color scheme was chosen based on the colors of the Holy Mother, and for cost and simplicity reasons, we used just one color - 85% Cyan.

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All of this wouldn't be possible without the support of Father Roman Majewski (Prior of the Paulines). Father Roman Majewski was instrumental in providing us with access to the holy paintings and artifacts in Jasna Gora, and his guidance was invaluable in helping us understand the spiritual significance of the place. We are grateful for his support and contribution to the success of this project.

Special thanks to Piotr Gawinski (Co-Art Direction & Execution), Jerzy Maciejowski (Consulting & Producer), and all supporting individuals.

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