Minimalistic approach to adventure project


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Minimalistic approach to adventure project

Lyngen North is a family business that provides accommodation in glass igloos and houses with uninterrupted views of the Lyngen Alps and Lyngenfjord. Ola, the client, was seeking a future-proof solution to attract new customers and create a distinct brand identity, which would communicate through a highly responsive website that would work seamlessly on mobile devices.


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/ Lyngen-North & Skjervøy Fiskecamp - projects description

We divided the overall Lyngen-North project into two phases.

The first phase, the discovery phase, was crucial in building the base for a successful project. In this particular project, we focused on conducting a deep audit of the existing website and creating outstanding visuals that would improve the conversion rate, with a particular focus on mobile devices since most visitors use mobiles to check out the website. We're proud to say that the customer did not have any comments or amendments after the discovery phase, which allowed us to quickly move into the next phase of the project.

During the design phase (the second stage), we began by creating UX designs to map out the user journey and detailed wireframes that illustrated the overall concept for the project. Ola from Lyngen-North mentioned that on their previous website, the UX was not good enough and the content may have seemed a little disorganized. Therefore, we focused on preparing clear pages with easy navigation, which was intended to improve the conversion rate.

Following the successful launch of the UX designs, we began developing a user interface. We created two versions of style scapes to align with the brand visual concept. Once we had everything ready, and the customer was satisfied with our proposal, we focused on finalizing the project's appearance.

During the discovery phase, we identified Lyngen's priorities as:

  • A simple and organized website appearance
  • Clear display of selling points
  • Emphasis on the uniqueness of their services
  • High-resolution visuals to attract visitors

We have prepared the final look of the website, and it looks amazing! We would like to extend a special thanks to the Pagepro team for this opportunity. They were responsible for project management, technology stack, and website development. The website is now amazing and ready to be viewed at

After the successful launch of Lyngen North, Ola approached us with another project - creating a visual identity for Skjervøy Fiskecamp.

This is a special place for fishermen where they can prepare for halibut hunting and relax in the beautiful seaside restaurant.

In the first stage, our focus will be on creating a visual identity that simplifies the appearance of the halibut and works well as a logotype for the elegant restaurant. It should be suitable for both sophisticated meals and simple to-go food. Additionally, we will explore color schemes that can create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for customers, as well as typography choices.

The next digital stage has been postponed until construction work planned for 2023 is completed.

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It's important to have a trusting relationship between the client and the design team, as it allows for open communication and collaboration.

Throughout our work with Ola, we were fortunate to have a friendly and communicative client who was open to our suggestions and provided valuable feedback throughout the project. This allowed us to create a design that met his needs while also incorporating our expertise and design skills. We believe that trust and collaboration are key components of a successful design project, and we were grateful to have such a great client to work with.

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