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Motife is a recruitment and consulting company based in Krakow that helps businesses scale up with high-quality tech talent from Poland. Motife specializes in setting up, managing, and growing teams of software engineers and IT professionals for their clients, which include fast-growing companies and startups from Europe, North America, and the Middle East. To provide an example of a long-term project, the process began with a simple request from the client to rebrand. After a series of calls and meetings, we decided to follow our traditional design process. Branding workshops resulted in style scapes (visual direction for brand development), and our common journey began.


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A highly collaborative UX & UI benefits greatly from feedback

Motife came to D*Studio with high expectations due to its strong presence in Krakow's startup community.

They required an extended web service to expand their reach to new clients. The client's team expected beautifully designed results that would be accessible for all users. One of Motife's initial challenges was finding a partner who could wisely choose to design and develop tools. An easy way for the team to make changes and updates was also a huge focus throughout the design process and beyond.

The first part was fully designed in Figma and served as a starting point for web service design, brand book creation, marketing materials, and their precious child - the Report about IT Market in Poland. Everything was designed based on a uniquely developed visual direction.

The second part focuses on creating a complete service in Webflow based on the design direction provided in Figma.

This will include making necessary adjustments and adding custom interactions and animations as per the client's needs and expectations. That part was highly collaborative, mainly with Nicolas Cormier (Motife’s Marketing & Growth Manager). The scope of work tripled as the client decided to expand the service and integrate it with marketing tools like HubSpot. We also had to expand the part of the service dedicated to insights. To enable client participation in real-time design and content work, we had to develop a universal name for the CSS styles that would be understandable to the client. SystemFlow assisted us in this effort.

Working with content and adjusting it to modern web design has also led the client to opt for a dedicated photoshoot session, which gave the whole project a much more authentic character. The photoshoot was done by Piotr Markowski. Last but not least, during Webflow development, the brandbook was updated to create a new social media image style.

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Special thanks to all of Motife's team for this opportunity.

The live version of the developed website can be found at, which was created using Webflow. Congratulations Nicolas and Michal on your business growth and development! We wish you all the success in the world.

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