White-label design system for fintech


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White-label design system for fintech

Wundr has decided to create a white-label design system with us that caters to the needs of fintech companies. One of the key features of the platform is the marketplace for premium brands, which is integrated into banking apps. This marketplace offers a range of high-end products and services that are carefully curated to meet the needs of discerning customers. The brands featured in the marketplace are renowned for their quality and reputation and have been hand-picked to offer the best possible experience to users. The marketplace is designed to help users find products in a way that suits them. A Design System is essential to ensure more speed and consistency in the development of digital products, which are only becoming more complex and have more demanding users. Because of this, we have created a base version of the Design System for Wundr.


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Wundr is a fast-growing fintech startup from England. They offer custom-built solutions for banking applications, enabling them to present various luxury brand offers.

The Wundr team was tired of the repetitive nature of their work. They found themselves starting from scratch on every project's integration and rebuilding the same components over and over again to fit each client's specific brand guidelines. This was not only time-consuming but also hindered their ability to take on new clients and projects. As a solution, they decided to invest in developing a comprehensive library of pre-built components that could be easily customized to meet each client's unique needs. This not only saved them time but also allowed them to take on more clients and produce higher-quality work.

We recommend creating a design system that is user-friendly, scalable, and can be shared across various teams. Specifically, the design should be compatible with STC Pay initially and then with Revolut.

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Our white label design system went beyond being a repository of UI design components, like the pattern library. It contained more information than a style guide, which only focuses on graphic style guidelines such as colors, typography, and illustrations - all of which are essential for modern brands.

Further development on the client side assumes paying special attention to both the style guide and the pattern library, which are differentiated by their integration. This means that a Design System is a dynamic tool that grows and evolves alongside a company's UX Design projects.

Special thanks to Bravelab team for this opportunity - The icing on the cake was that the project received a high score on clutch.

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